Matching 30 Year Old Jewelry Cases

Can you spot the difference in these high-quality jewelry showcases? Neither can we!

When this upscale jewelry store expanded their store this year, they asked us to match their current high-quality jewelry showcases, which they bought from Spartan Showcase over 30 years ago!  We did. If only we had remembered to take pictures of the original showcases before we brought in the new ones, because now we can’t tell the old from the new.

A testament to the durability and long-lasting beauty of our high-quality jewelry showcases? You bet!

How can our showcases still be doing their job so beautifully after so many years? Meticulous design, skilled craftsmanship, and high-quality materials is the easy answer, but what makes it quality?

Machine Welded Edges on Spartan Showcase Display Cases
The machine welded edges on our cases are built to withstand years of use.

For one thing, our cases are mitered and machine welded – not screwed together, so they don’t “loosen up” over time like many other showcases. If the screw holes start wearing due to bumping, leaning, or being moved around, it’s not long before the integrity of the whole case degrades.

Secondly, our meticulous design ensures that the little things keep working like they should – doors glide easily instead of sticking, and hinged doors are balanced and don’t wear out the hardware. Also, though these 30-year-old showcases didn’t need it, if the display case glass becomes scratched and cloudy over time (as they tend to do) – our cases are designed to easily replace just the glass – not the entire case.

Meticulous design, skilled craftsmanship and high-quality materials – it’s the only way we know how to do it. Our display cases don’t just make a pretty picture, like you, they work for a living! Find out how our cabinetry, surfaces, coolers, and flooring meet the same long-lived high standards by visiting us at –

Do you have a Spartan Showcase still hard at work? Send us a pic or post in the comments below and tell us about it!

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