Comfort Food

Pastry merchandisers are like comfort food – we all grew up seeing them as a mecca of delightful sweet treats to cajole mom into, or we were taken to get a little something sweet to make the owie go away. Today’s pastry display cases are the modern, sleek version of the old familiar, still capable of engendering that comfort feeling – but in a wide variety of finishes, sizes, and styles. What makes it a merchandiser, and not just a display case, is where part of our culture’s love of them came from – instead of watching the clerk pick out whatever treat is closest – WE got to reach in and pick exactly the right one that appeals, nicely browned at the edges with just the right amount of icing, mmm….! In these fast-moving times, give your customers a little comfort for their soul along with their snacks, it will keep them coming back for more! Call 1+(573) 265-5191 to learn about all the new options for this new old favorite.

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