Piece by Piece, building your retail space to work for you

Spartan Showcase - Jewelry Case

The retail world revolves around display solutions, but the real work gets done in and on the other bits and pieces that make up a store environment – counters, cash stands, and gates. These unassuming fixtures take the brunt of the workload, keep things organized, and keep the traffic on the right side of the […]

Are your food grade display cases up to standards?

Spartan Showcase-Boys Selecting Cake

What are the differences between food and non-food grade display cases? Food grade display cases – you know the beautiful bakery showcases, but also the hard-working grocery store cases – are manufactured to different standards than retail showcases. They start with stainless steel of course to keep food safe from contamination but are also sealed […]

Matching 30 Year Old Jewelry Cases

Can you spot the difference in these high-quality jewelry showcases? Neither can we! When this upscale jewelry store expanded their store this year, they asked us to match their current high-quality jewelry showcases, which they bought from Spartan Showcase over 30 years ago!  We did. If only we had remembered to take pictures of the […]

Comfort Food

Pastry merchandisers are like comfort food – we all grew up seeing them as a mecca of delightful sweet treats to cajole mom into, or we were taken to get a little something sweet to make the owie go away. Today’s pastry display cases are the modern, sleek version of the old familiar, still capable […]