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Display Cases and Merchandisers

Spartan Showcase’s

Bakery Display Showcases

Spartan Showcase manufactures a variety of styles of Bakery Display Cases and Merchandisers to your custom specifications. We also offer display cases in standard industry sizes. Most of our display cases, standard or custom, have an average 4 week turnaround from order to delivery.

Counter Top Display Cases and Merchandisers

92500 Series™

Donut/Pastry Merchandiser

92000 Series™

Countertop Display Cases

99342 Series™

Counter Top Pastry Merchandiser

Stand-Up (Freestanding) Merchandisers

BMB Series™

Bagel Merchandisers Basket Type

99370 Series™

Stand-Up Pastry Merchandiser

BMP Series™

Bagel Merchandisers Pan Type

Front Display Cases

93000 Series™

Curved Front,
Non-Refrigerated Display Cases

97000 Series™

Straight Front
Non-Refrigerated Display Cases

97000 Series™

Straight Front Non-Refrigerated Display Cases

Service Wall Cases

98000 Series™

Service Wall Cases

98100 Series™

Service Wall Cases – Full View

99058 Series™

Self-Serve Wall Cases


98300 Series™

Back-Wall Counters

98400 Series™

Cash & Wrap Counters

96600 Series™

Restaurant Case

96000 Series™

Slant-Front Display Case

CPN – C Series™

Curve-Front Candy Cases Non-Climate Controlled

CPN – Series™

Prism Candy Cases Non-Climate Controlled

Looking for something custom?

Our team of dedicated product specialists can help you design or customize any case to meet your business’ needs.

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