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Pioneer Series Collection (Half View)


  • Slab End Construction
  • 18” High Base TFM (White, Black, Cherry)
  • 20” High Tempered Glass Front
  • Laminated End Panels, Deck, and Doors (TFM)
  • Anodized Satin Finish Aluminum Glass Rails
  • White Interior Deck and Doors (TFM)
  • Tempered Glass Shelf 1-10” Deep Adjustable
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Pioneer Series Collection Specifications

Model No. Dimensions (L X W X H) Door
PH70 70” x 20” x 38” White Panel
PH60 60” x 20” x 38” White Panel
PH48 48” x 20” x 38” White Panel
PH70A 70” x 20” x 38” Mirror
PH60A 60” x 20” x 38” Mirror
PH48A 48” x 20” x 38” Mirror
Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice


  1. Standard Finish HPL (Includes Interior/Exterior End Panels & Exterior Front Panel)
  2. Light

Spec Sheets

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