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Spartan Showcase Display Case

Don’t Settle For Anything Less

Meticulous Design.

Efficient Manufacturing.

It’s the way each of our display cases enhance the beauty of your products, the value of your brand, and the profitability of your operations.

Prominently display Your Products

Raise Your Bottom Line.

Have a unique design?  Let us design a custom showcase to meet your precise needs.  We will manufacture any product in any quantity — from a single unit to a large production run.

Spartan Showcase Display Cases

Your needs are unique

So Many Options.

Every application is different, which is why Spartan Showcase designs and manufactures products to your precise specifications.  Need a certain color or finish?  Mirrors?  Lighting?  Whatever you need, Spartan Showcase has you covered!


Your display case will shine brightly with LED or Octron lighting.


Mirrored showcase doors put your product under the spotlight – from any angle.


With virtually unlimited color and finishing options, your showcase will precisely match your vision.

Spartan Showcase & Prock Operations

High-Quality Displays for Over 70 Years.

Continued history of quality.

After joining forces with Prock Operations, Spartan Showcase’s long-standing tradition of manufacturing superior products and providing outstanding customer service continues.

Competitive pricing.

Our ongoing investment in human and capital resources continues to pay dividends for our customers and business.

Quick turnaround time.

Spartan’s manufacturing facilities have expanded to nearly 200,000 square feet and our state-of-the-art equipment improves quality while shortening average lead times.

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