Vitrine, Pedestal, & high security display cases.

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Specialty Display Cases

Spartan Showcase offers a variety of specialty display cases and solutions to fit every need. Eye-catching vitrines, attention-commanding pedestals, high-security display cases, whatever your special product needs, if we don’t have the solution – we’ll make one.

F-Series™ Vitrines

F-Series™ Square Pedestal Showcases

F Series™ Vitrines

Anodized Silver Satin Finish Aluminum Frame & Trim

1/4” Tempered Glass, Front, Ends & Shelves

Sliding Tempered Glass Doors W/Lock (VT70)

Hinged Tempered Glass Door W/Lock

Laminated Interior Decks: TFM (White, Black, Cherry)

Standard Finish High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Base with Self Edge Corner (High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Formica® or Wilsonart® Standard Offerings Optional)

4” High Black Kick

Lower Storage Area with Hinged Door & Lock

(1) Adjustable Storage Shelf

    Download – F-Series Vitrines

F Series™ Square Pedestal Showcases

 Anodized Silver Satin Finish Aluminum Frame & Trim

1/4” Tempered Glass Top, Front, and Ends

Laminated Interior Decks: (TFM) White, Black,

Laminated Base with Heavy Duty Corner Protectors: (TFM) White, Black, Cherry

(High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Formica® or Wilsonart® Standard Offerings


Black Kick

Tempered Glass Sliding Doors (2)

    Download PDF – SQP Pedestal

Insert/Utility Series

Insert / Utility Showcases

1/4” Tempered Glass Front, Top, and Ends

Standard LPL Interior Deck

Sliding Tempered Glass Front Doors

Anodized Aluminum Silver Satin Frame


Download PDF – Insert & Utility Series

F-Series™ “Plus”
High Security Showcase

F-Series™ “Plus”High Security Showcase

Tempered Aluminum Extrusion Frame and Trim (Silver Satin Finish)

Lexan Polycarbonate Top, Front and Ends, to deter smash and grab

Framed, Lexan Polycarbonate Panel, Sliding Rear Doors (non removable)

Durable Tempered Glass Top Overlay to prevent scratching

Steel Reinforced Bottom Door Track

Adjustable Split Glass Shelves, (1-8” & 1-10”) F1600HS, (1-10”) F2600HS

Heavy Duty Aluminum Corner Base Protectors

Laminated Interior Deck and Base w/4” Black Kick base

Kenstan Heavy Duty (KIC40) Interchangeable Core Door Lock (s)*

    Download PDF – HS Flyer

Three Wing Mirror

Shadow Box

Three Wing Mirror

1/4” Plate Glass

Anodized Aluminum Frame

Full Length Piano Hinges

Adjustable Stops

56”L x 60”H Mirror

Download PDF – Three Wing Mirror

Shadow Box

Standard (TFM) Finish Front and Ends

Tempered Glass Shelves 8” Deep Adjustable

Wall Mount Hardware

6” Fascia


Download PDF – WHC Series