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3 Tier Merchandiser Table

3 Tier Shelves

       Top Shelf  – 48” L x 36” D

       Middle Shelf – 60” L x 36” D

       Bottom Shelf – 60” L x 42” D

3 Risers

      Top – 24” L x 10” D x 12” H

      Middle – 36” L x 24” D x 12” H

      Bottom – 52” L x 30” D x 14” H   



Download PDF – 3-Tier Merchandiser Table

Display Platforms

 TFM Finish (White, Black or Cherry Woodgrain)

Edge Banding

8” High Base TFM Exterior

Aluminum Corner Base Protector

4” High Black Kick




Download PDF – Display Platform

Pocket Displayer

 Wood Construction using concealed Assembly Fasteners for a Smooth Finish

Interior and Exterior Finished (TFM)



Download PDF – Pocket Displayer

Parsons Table

Standard Finish HPL




Download PDF – Parsons Table

Gift Islands

Laminated Base (TFM)

Six Glass Shelves (2-8” – 2-10” – 2-12”)

Laminated Top (HPL)

Aluminum Corner Base Protector

8”H Base

4”H Kick



Download PDF – Gift Islands

Wall Bunker

 Laminated Base (TFM)

Laminated Top (TFM)

Aluminum Corner Base Protector

4” H Kick

Self Edge Corners

3/4” Storage Doors




Download PDF – Wall Bunker

F Series Step Displayer

Laminated Finish (TFM)

Painted Bin Displays

4 1/2” High Clear Front

18 13/16”H Base

4”H Black Kick



Step Displayer

Slat Walls

Laminate (TFM) White, Black, Cherry

Grooves are 3” on Center and Unfinished

Assembled or Ready to Assemble (RTA)

6” H Platform







Download – Slatwall Fixtures